Pottery Barn vs. Restoration Hardware

I love decorating. It is a trait I inherited from my dad, and well it just makes me very happy to see everything in its place and pretty. Not girly, just pretty. Today Lee and I went to Providence Place Mall and I got to visit both stores. While visting both Restoration and Pottery Barn I discovered that my husband really dislikes pottery barn (sadness). He believes that PB is just trying to hard to be rustic, while RH is just rustic-and he likes that style..Fast foward to tonight where I have spent 4 hours (well ok it was only a half hour it just felt longer) trying to find what that “rustic” style really is-what he really likes. I finally found the right term “rustic chic” or “urban rustic”.  This makes me giggle because when I googled other stores with this rustic chic-I found my favorite store Anthropologie. Combine the two and we really should be living in the 50’s. I love that I found a guy whose style, although it might seem very different from my own –cue the 100 warhammer army men on my coffee table–matches my own.


plus he took me to pink berry and didn’t complain


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