The Eye and the Abbey

Yesterday was a packed day! Here is a list of things we did

1) Missed our bus (the number 6). The bus stops right at the door of our flat, but they don’t wait for people. If you aren’t in line ready to go, they will just keep going. Because we were a few seconds late, we had to walk to the train station (about 1.5 miles I think).

2) Rode the tube, or subway. This was a long train ride, but it wasn’t very crowded and the seats were comfy. When we got to our train station destination we walked and arrived at the train station hub-filled with places to eat and shops. There was a Starbucks and I placed my first England order (it was easy because a tea is a tea). I paid with pounds and actually paid the right amount! After I got my tea it was time for the eye.

4) I thought that the eye would be so large that you could see it from anywhere-nope! Plus, I was starting to get really nervous. We headed for the Thames, turned a corner and there it was!!!! Let me tell you, it is insane in person. Before we went on the eye we saw a 4d movie about the making of the eye. The movie made me even more nervous, would I be able to do this????  Thankfully, we did not have to wait that long in line (remember how we looked at the fast pass-this is what we bought).  The eye does not stop moving, so when you get on the eye it is like getting on an escalator, you have to walk quickly! Finally, we were on, and it was beautiful. The weather was somewhat cloudy, but I was able to get some amazing photos. Also, because they eye moves so slowly, it wasn’t at all scary. The only scary part was when we were getting off the eye at the end and the person in front of me was walking really slowly and I was afraid I would not be able to get off (remember they don’t stop the eye). 

5) After the eye we were to a winter carnival. The carnival had lots of shops selling foods, sweets, and a carousel. It costs 2 pounds to ride, and it was fast! The fastest carousel I have ever been on-I was a little dizzy at the end of it. 

6) Lunch and walking, not really exciting

7) Westminster Abbey-Before we went to Christmas Eve service I walked around the Cloisters. This was really peaceful, and one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. We had to wait 2 hours in the rain to get seated for the service, but we met some really cool locals.

8) The best part of the Lessons and Carols service was near the end. When we entered we were given candles and before we sang “Hard the Harold Angels Sing” someone (not sure who) started lighting our candles. They lowered the lights of the Abbey and the only illuminated things were the Christmas Tree and the candles we were all holding. Amazing! 

That’s it! Hope you are all having a great Christmas. 


1 thought on “The Eye and the Abbey”

  1. Alicia, We are happy that you are about to embark on a new adventure and that you will get to be with Lee. Also glad for inventions like Facebook so that we don’t have to feel we are losing you completely.. We are one of your piano families & we have become attached to you and your place in our life.. we will miss you very much… Ohio will no longer be a place where we don’t know will hold a special person we are happy to have had in our lives… Our best to you !!
    “Alicia taught me everything I know about piano” Going to miss you!

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