Goodbye and Hello

I am a planner. If you know anything at all about me you know how much I like to plan, and like lists. In a very odd way they comfort me, make me feel better about all the chaos in the world. Recently my life has become more chaos then a normal person could handle, and since I already don’t like chaos it has been tough. For the past 14 months my husband has lived in a different state. We have seen each other about once a month, and sometimes only once every two months. I have lived here, he has lived there and we have both been sad. There have been things to keep me busy. School, working with the best team teacher ever, and with the best group of students! I have also continued to give piano lessons to some incredibly talented players. I have read books, watched movies, lost 30 pounds, but overall just been sad. A sadness that is only caused because two people became one. 

Today I did one of the hardest and easiest things I have ever done. I resigned from my school. I met with the packing company who will be packing up my things this week and transporting them to a new city, where we have a tiny apartment that will not house most of our house. Instead of having the summer to relax, and to visit my parents in England, I will be working. Working at a new school, where I don’t know anyone, and a new grade, and there is just a lot of new, and I’m scared……….



1 thought on “Goodbye and Hello”

  1. Alicia, At one time you were new in Putnam. All new beginnings are hard. But you’ve done it once and can do it again. You are strong- and you will be with your husband. You can do it!

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