Today I went on a shop and eat date with my friend Greatness. I first met her when I was assigned to sub in her classroom while she was at a meeting. Little did I know that she would turn in to one of my closest friends. Over the years I have known her we have developed an amazing relationship/and some might say a little codependent. We text a lot. Neither of us love talking on the phone, but we text numerous times throughout the day, and this is when we also see each other for 9 hours at school. I also believe we share the same brain. She is great (hence the name) and we had a fun time today. Our first venture was to Red Robins (yum!) where we discussed the validity of hummus as a snack food-nope! Then it was on to the mall where we hit Nordstrom Rack, Gap, and Cupcake Heaven (aka Crumbs bakeshop). All in all a great representation of our friendship- eating, fun times and gossip, and more eating (and then there was more texting after I left). We might have a problem…… also, I am in the midst of a sugar coma




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