When I first moved to Connecticut I did not envision myself as a piano teacher. I needed a job, I had taught piano in the past, really needed a job 🙂 and so I started a little studio. Over the past 8 years the studio has seen major growth and major changes. At one time I had 45 students (still can’t believe that I did that and worked another job!). As it is with most teachers I have seen many of those students leave me. Most because of lack of interest in piano playing, and some because of conflicting schedules. There have been a few who have continued, and over all the friends I will leave here, these students are the ones I will miss the most. For some of them I have seen them weekly for 8 years. To say we have developed a special bond would almost be belittling the feeling I have for them. They are family. We celebrate successes, we discuss setbacks, we laugh, we cry, we work really hard. I have seen them grow from little girls into pre-teens, from pre-teens to almost adults who are more my friends then my students at this point. Here are some of my favorite moments from each of them. Note this list probably means nothing to anyone other than the students who can identify with the memory I have shared with them, but that shouldn’t matter.


  1. Dinosaur piano playing
  2. Sitting on Hello Kitty
  3. Realizing a great hatred of jazz band music-and jazz band notation
  4. Rewriting Chopin
  5. Discovering a love of playing non-classical music, and having your teacher be okay with that.
  6. Helping a student compose their first song
  7. Watching them at talent shows
  8. Planning my wedding (one of my students performed the ceremony)
  9. Piano Therapy
  10. Allowing me to rant about how DD messed up my tea order 
  11. Helping each and every one of them learn how to play something they didn’t think was possible. 


My wish for them as I leave is for them to find the things they are passionate about and do them, to not play an instrument because someone is making you, but because if you didn’t you would feel like something is missing.


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