Clean House/Clean Body- or I hate cleaning and my body is allergic to everything

I am trying an experiment. This experiment is two fold-

Part one: Actually follow the apartment therapy 30 day clean, and not cheat or skip days

Part two: No dairy or gluten for 2 weeks (or until March 12 when I visit my new allergist)

I will blog because I like reading blogs about how people are trying to clean-I look for inspiration, and sometimes just some reassurance that other people struggle with the same things I do.

Part one started tonight and the chore of the day was door knobs–I am not going to do this, mainly because I have a lot of other stuff that needs doing tonight around the house. Instead I did clean the kitchen (including sweeping the floors) and cleaned off my desk.  I will also sweep the bedroom floor and pick up all the debris from my newly organized clothes system. (Pictures will come soon).

Part two: I enjoyed ice cream tonight as well as some pasta. I will miss both a lot and I would much rather miss yummy food then be constantly sick (which is what is happening now).


Ok….enough procrastinating. Time to clean. Look back tomorrow for some embarrassing before and after photos.


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