The Week of the Planner


I love planners. I love looking at them, buying them, pretending I will use them. In fact, buying them and losing them (or pretending to lose them because I am ashamed of not using them) has become kind of a Harris trademark. This year I want to be different-and so I made a plan (on a post-it, because I lost my planner). My first step was to watch copious amounts of YouTube to find out how to decorate my planner. Numerous hours and Advil later-because some people should not make YouTube videos I had some good ideas-most of which involve Washi tape. Step two was to buy the planner and Washi tape. I settled on the Moleskine hardbound large planner in black. I am mostly pleased with this planner, but probably would have purchased the extra-large. Step 3 is where I essentially fail every year. The putting of things in the planner……I tackled this using the Washi tape. I put in really big things (like school starting, when our finals are,etc.) in first, and used pretty tape to do it. Then I made the life altering decision to start weeks on Monday. You may laugh-I am kinda laughing at that sentence anyway. For as long as I can remember, Sunday has been the start to a new week. BUT my planner has Monday as the first day……a planning dilemma/ or an excuse to not use the planner.

I began to think about what it means if Sunday ends my week. If Sunday ends my week then I can use Sunday to plan for the upcoming week, I can have a day of rest and relaxation, and I can really view it as an end. Yeah-this might be crap-but I’m going with it for the time being. Also, I can spend Sunday evening updating my planner for the coming week.

The week of the planner has been a success. I am remembering to check it, add things to it, and have not forgotten to do things because I am constantly reminded of them. My house is clean, and I am in a calmer state of mind.

Here is the left side of my planner for last week.
Here is the left side of my planner for last week.
Here is the right side of my planner from last week.
Here is the right side of my planner from last week.

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