Challenge Update-Week 2

Good Morning! Today ends week 2 of my planner challenge and I am surprised with how successful I have been these last two weeks.  I have not been great about completing my task lists-but I have been using and following the planner consistently. Along with that I have been able to keep up with my “chores”. Side note-if you have not checked out Apartment Therapy’s 20 minute house cleaning list-look at it now! It is life changing. I have always struggled with keeping my house picked up daily. I’m not messy-just was okay with doing a massive pick-up and clean every Saturday. Now I just pick up for 20 minutes and I’m done.

Another benefit of using the planner is that I have been more motivated to work out. They don’t seem very related-but I have been logging each of my Ballet Beautiful workouts (or non workouts) and being able to see that in my planner has motivated me. However, it has not motivated me to swim-and that is clearly written in my planner 🙂

My planner struggle for this week will be determining how to write down all the school prep stuff I need to do while still keeping the planner usable and nice to look at. For this week, I cut up some lined paper and taped it on the side-I’m not confident that this will help-but we all must start somewhere.

Be on the lookout for THREE additional posts this week: my Ipsy bag review (first ever!), my workout review, and another planner update –> and yes all of those are already written down in the planner 🙂


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