The First Few Weeks of School

Any teacher worth their weight in “teachering” has read Wong’s book on how to start the school year strong. I am convinced he missed a chapter, ‘How to Not Die During these First Few Weeks’–a working title. Gone from my life are the days of making breakfasts and lunches for the week, or working out in the morning….of updating my planner. They have been interrupted with email responses at 4:45 in the morning, with more coffee then I would like, and a constant urge to make sure that I don’t have lice. Yes friends, school has started. This is the first year that I am consciously allowing my body to adjust to these first few weeks. Last week, our first week of instruction, was about getting through the week. This week is about reestablishing some basic routines-like cleaning the house, and waking up early. I am refusing to beat myself up over not having any work-life balance, or for having to make a breakfast everyday. I am trying to practice the art form of being kind. Being kind to others, and myself.

There is one goal that I have been pretty proud of, and that is leaving my desk neat and clean each day when I leave. Today, the plan is to open the planner and use it! I’m kind of excited, I’ve missed it.


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