January Bag Challenge Day 1

Welcome to Day 1:

I am writing this on a Sunday evening, but you might be finding this on a Monday or Tuesday. The steps remain pretty much the same. This should only take you about 20 minutes (longer if you are debating between bags).


Step 1: Find a bag that you like.


This is my Kate Spade bag. I mostly love it.image1

Step 2: Empty bag of all the other crap you have in it.

Thankfully I didn’t have a lot of stuff in this bag. However, the bag in my car has some stuff in it (I think a homework, or a test, or something-its papers). image3


Step 3: Check to make sure that there isn’t anything super important in that crap you just dumped out. Otherwise just leave the stuff in a neat pile-we will deal with it later.

——Leaving that other bag in my car, not looking at it—


Step 4: Put your basics into the new bag. Only put your basics. We don’t have time to make lists or debate stuff. If you think you will need it tomorrow, put it in the bag. Tomorrow we will review our bag and make adjustments.

Here are my “basics”: Planner, notebook, hand lotion, folder (it holds the stickers), pencil case, tea mug, and tea bag holder. image2


Step 5: Recheck your bag. Tomorrow if my first day back in two weeks so I am nervous about forgetting something.




That’s it. 

I look forward to working on this challenge with all of you! Please post your bag pics below!


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