Bag Challenge-Day 2

Today was a day. The day after a long break is always difficult, but couple that with a very cold building meant a very grumpy set of teachers and students. I froze. All day. When I get done with a long day-or most any day for that matter-I don’t want to deal with my work bag when I get home. —This is probably why I have run into the bag problem to begin with.—–



Day 2 starts with emptying out your bag again and answering some questions.


  1. Did you acquire anything new? Looking at the contents of my bag, I have a copy of our 7th grade novel and a random piece of gum. Throwing the gum away, and making sure that the book gets returned tomorrow morning to my classroom.

2. Did anything get “left” at school (and by left I mean did you just leave it on your desk? Looking back at yesterday’s picture is important.

3. Ask yourself, “If I left any of these things at school tomorrow would life be okay?” Right now I could probably leave my folder at school, but I feel like having a folder to store papers in might be useful. Otherwise I still need all this stuff.

4. Repack your bag. It’s late, go watch some tv, or read a book, or binge watch a netflix show and then realize it is 2 in the morning (oh wait, that is only me).


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