Hello February

Before I begin my breakdown of my February habit I really want to spend some time today reflecting on January. When I first started this journey I did pick something a little trivial. Who cares if my work bag is clean every day? I clearly didn’t. I also didn’t think that it would change my outlook on other things, or give me such a feeling of accomplishment. Unlike other years where my New Year’s resolutions take up 5 pages and where nothing seems to change, I can tell that this year will be different. I have already had success-and it feels amazing!

Now on to the challenge:

School Challenge: January-bag, February: not “living” at school every day. In case you are not one of my co-workers you might be unaware that I try to arrive at school by 6:15 AM. I don’t have to be there until 7:30 but I like to get things organized, feel more confident about life-okay I have absolutely no idea why I feel like I need to be at school that early. Anyway, I am trying to only be that insane 3 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The other days I will stay home until 6:30 and then drive in. Today was day 1-and it was SUPER Hard. When I finally allowed myself to drive in to work, I found that I still had 30 minutes to get things done. I also left work today at 4:15 with everything ready for tomorrow.

Home Challenge: January-living room & dining room clean: okay, lets face it-I didn’t even blog about this. Because we are very ever in these two rooms. Our tv is in the family room, and I am either grading on the couch downstairs or not at home. Which means that this room is already super clean. February-bedroom clean. Already this is difficult. I cleaned the room over the weekend and found that the biggest culprits were tea cups and laundry. The laundry I am getting a handle on, and I’m also just making myself to a quick clean up every time I leave the room. Hopefully this will become so ingrained that it will no longer seem like a chore.

Stay tuned—



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