Today is a day for popsicles

It is 5:30 on a Tuesday and I am eating a popsicle. Blogging, like much of my existence these past few months, has been a bit of a chore. Something I should do, but don’t have the energy to do after a long day of teaching. And so, I don’t. Days turn into weeks turning into months and it is almost as if all the creative juices have left my body. Students in my sixth grade class will often stare at a piece of paper saying that they don’t know what to write-I have that same sense of dread today. That whatever I write will be poorly received, will be laughed at, or the worst case scenario that it won’t be read at all. With that in mind, today is a day for popsicles and new beginnings and hopefully a renewed sense of purpose.

Let’s start with the popsicle.



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