When your class bursts out in song

Ironically, it is 5:30 and I am again eating a snack. To be fair, I did not eat any school snack today. Today’s snack is Honey Dijon chips-which are completely dairy, gluten, and soy free-and they are good which is a bonus when you consider that the dairy, gluten, and soy are all missing. They are deliciously tangy, and I have had to move the bag far away from my grasp.

During AM break today, I spent time asking my soon to be 7th graders about book order for next year, and then because they were being awesome we decided to listen to music (also FYI-if you haven’t checked out Amazon Prime music yet do it now!!!) As we were listening some of the students were singing along-but when “All of Me” began to play ALL of my students started to sing. 16 6th graders singing a love song. This wasn’t a mumbly, I don’t want my teacher to hear me sing-but a full throttle belting of the song-which I then made them do again for their Social Studies teacher. It was beautiful-and made my day, that is until the butterfly showed up.



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