A thankful heart is a happy heart

Guys, I am really ready for the school year to be over. Like, really really ready. Tensions are high at school. Everyone (myself included) smells a little bit- we just all are ready for a break from one another. As much as I would really love to sit and write about all the horrible things that have happened today and this week I instead want to focus on the good of today.


  1. My 7th graders rallied and all took notes during my observation.
  2. 3 teachers made it possible for me to leave early to go to a doctor’s appointment.
  3. 1 teacher who offered to take my yogurt-legit big deal!
  4. A doctor who listens and then remembers things I said at the beginning of my check-up.
  5. That I only have tendonitis.
  6. 6th graders singing One Direction
  7. 2 exuberant parents who talked with me about their student’s successes in my class.
  8. A teacher friend who values my thoughts
  9. A very long Facebook thread about things said at school
  10. 4 more days of school

So take a minute, create a list, change your mood, change your tomorrow.


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