Waiting for machines

I am tired. I am sure that if I tried really hard I could come up with a better adjective to describe how I am feeling-but alas I am too tired to think of one. “Go to bed” you say. Grunting in your general direction “Nope. Can’t. Waiting for the machines to finish. The dishwasher needs to finish, and the washing machine needs to finish. The washing machine needs to finish so that I can put the clothes in the dryer-and then wait for the dryer to finish.

I have spent today waiting. Waiting for kids to finish tests, waiting for meetings to be over, waiting in rush hour traffic. Waiting for inspiration to strike. Waiting to gain insight into the art of waiting.

If I can only chose my response to a situation….then how am I responding to the waiting? Am I patient with others and with myself? Or am I rushing them?  How would my attitude shift if I were mindful about waiting?




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