I am pretty sure that I just spent the last month in hibernation. This statement might seem silly to those who have seen me every day since school let out for the summer-since I seem to be a fully functioning adult. But I have been hibernating. Allowing myself to slowly recharge and rest from what was probably the most stressful and crazy year of teaching. During the 2015-2016 school year I taught 4 different classes (I know that all you elementary teachers teach that all the time—I get it—I have done it—thus I’m not complaining about it-much..) 2 of those classes were in a grade I had never taught before. 7th grade teachers, I salute you, and I wish to never teach that grade again. So, 4 different preps, admin responsibilities, chorus, and adjusting to Lee working a very different job just made for an emotionally and physically exhausting year (hello all the hives, all the time). The blessing of this exhausting year has caused me to make some significant changes in my life. That I will list below to prevent this from being any longer.


  1. Finding a primary care doctor-and visiting him-and liking him-and finding out that it isn’t normal to not be able to catch one’s breath after walking upstairs-hello inhaler and being able to exercise again.
  2. Starting a bullet journal-many a blog will be devoted to this-if you haven’t heard of these before –google it-life changing!
  3. Saying yes when I want to say no- inviting people to my home, even when I want to not see anyone
  4. Reading everyday
  5. Forgiving myself and forgiving others.


I feel as if I am now emerging from hibernation. Lee even asked if I was okay this morning because I had already had coffee, had devotions, cleaned the basement, and was going the laundry mat. Un-hibernating is a slow process, it’s painful, it confuses people, it’s exhausting. But it’s necessary.